We would like to hear from you.

​Octopus Pays support can be contacted via internal messages or support email. Customer support will be open for your inquiries during business days from 9:30am – 17:00 am. We will try to resolve your issues within the same business day, however, complaint processing can sometimes take up to three business days.

Feel free to contact Octopus Pays support for the following issues:

  1. Issues faced during your experience using Octopus Pays products and services;
  2. General recommendations.
When contacting us, please make sure that you follow our general complaint processing guidelines. This way we can esure fast and efficient complaint management within a timely manner for greater customer satisfaction.

Your message will be processed and then forwarded to the respective department. If you are willing to inquire to the senior management of Octopus Pays please indicate it in the message.

How to submit your complaint:

To submit a complaint, send an internal message or email to support (at) octopuspays.com​.

Please include the following details:

  1. Your full name;
  2. The phone number that was used for registration for Octopus Pays productsand services;
  3. The email address that was used for registration for Octopus Pays productsand services;
  4. Details of the complaint such as: time and date, description of the issue andany other information that you consider necessary for us to know as well as your preferred measures to remedy the issue.


After we will have received the complaint, we will do the following:

  1. Send you a confirmation after we have seen your complaint;
  2. Ask you for more information if it will be necessary for processing yourcomplaint;
  3. Give you a timeline for processing if necessary;
  4. Provide you with a copy of your complaint if contacted by means that does notprovide with one automatically;
  5. Process the complaint.
Complaint will be managed by an employee that is solely responsible for complaint processing and management. If necessary, the complaint will be partially communicated or fully forwarded to the respective departments.

Although, we usually perform complaint management no later than three business days, delays can sometimes happen. In such case you will be informed about the delay and given an estimate timeline.

Our final response may conclude that:

  1. Your complaint was upheld​. We may then offer you compensation or goodwill gesture where appropriate; or
  2. Your complaint was not upheld​. We will then explain the reasons for our conclusion; or
  3. We need more information​. We will then reach out by email to let you what we need. If we encounter any delays because we’re waiting for information, this may affect our response date.

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